All your security needs in one place.
At CamSafe we supply and install reliable, user-friendly & flexible access control systems. Our comprehensive range of solutions all you to control the movement of people to improve safety and security without slowing down your business.


In addition to monitoring staff, customers and visitors, it can also restrict access to restricted areas within your premises further protecting your employees and any sensitive or valuable data. Many systems operate with Tokens, fobs, key cards or biometrics offering an effective tool for monitoring movement through the workplace. Tokens and fobs are easily removed and replaced within the system should they be lost or stolen negating the need to change locks, making the access control system cost effective security solution for any business.

Utilising the most modern technology we offer a range of access control solutions

Biometric recognition

Door intercoms

Biometric recognition

Utilising the best home security System with most modern technology we offer a range of access control solutions

Door intercoms

Proximity tokens

Standalone Access Control systems

Networked Access control Systems

Access Control Maintenance

Maintaining your Access Control system is strongly recommended to ensure that it continues to work effectively at protecting your business and meeting your requirements.

In taking out a maintenance contract with us you will receive priority service from us and have access to our skilled engineers.

Our engineers are always up to date with the most recent updates in the industry so they can ensure that you have the most cost-effective solution to suit your needs.

Keeping your company secure

You can rest assured knowing that our Intruder Alarm Systems meet the required industry standards, are certified, and comply with even the most stringent insurance requirements, giving you a greater sense of security and significantly reducing the risk of potential loss to you and your business.
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