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Health Tracking and Monitoring System

With more of us spending increased time at home due to the recent climate attention has been turned on how we can improve and health and wellbeing in the home through technology. One exciting development in this is the smart bed.

With the aid of sensors and other technologies, the smart bed gathers data about a homeowner’s sleep – the duration, heart rate, how restful the sleep was, etc. It then analyses and interprets this data, which informs it on how to adjust and ultimately help improve the homeowner’s sleep.

Similarly, there is the smart fitness mirror featuring an LCD screen that checks out the form of homeowners, and shows recommended fitness classes. The fitness classes range from yoga, cardio and strength. Some brands of smart mirrors have built-in cameras and Bluetooth heart-rate monitors.

There are many smart kitchen accessories available from a Smart Mug which keeps your hot drinks at the perfect temperature all day to Smart cooking devices that allow you to turn on your casserole from the office!

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